Broken phone service in Shellharbour City Centre

Repair solutions for all situations

SNC Concept Pty Ltd provides a leading broken phone service. Our Shellharbour City Centre store has an expert team of diagnostic technicians who can repair and service your mobile phone. From smart phones to traditional mobile phones, we fix practically anything at very affordable rates. Whether your phone has physical damage on a part of the phone or water has got into it, we can help. We've seen a lot of problems in our time and we've fixed a lot too. So give us a call and let us help you.

Phone service in Shellharbour City Centre

Range of repairs

Based in Shellharbour City Centre, our phone service covers a huge range of problems, such as:

  • Cracked screen
  • Broken LCD
  • Smartphone repairs
  • Unlocks

We have a great range of mobile phone accessories for you as well. So come and visit us and take advantage of our affordable mobile phone repairs and services today.

All brands covered

Our broken phone service covers all brands and makes of mobile phones. There's never a problem too difficult or a phone that we aren't familiar with. Our team in Shellharbour City Centre offer you affordable and efficient service all year round. Simply drop your phone in and let us fix it in a jiffy. No problems. You'll have your beloved phone back before you can say my phone is broken (well, almost).

Quality service

Along with our excellent sales service, SNC Concept Pty Ltd offers wonderful broken phone service. Our mobile phone repair and service centre in Shellharbour City Centre is staffed by experienced technicians who can solve many issues with your devices. So for more information about our mobile phone repairs, call us today.